Takeover of the care services „Assisted Living Cartama“

Cartama is located in the heart of the Guadalhorce Valley near the Sierra de las Nieves and El Chorro.

The location is unbeatable as it is close to many leisure and tourist spots.

Nearby are the beaches of Torremolinos and Málaga (15 km).

The airport (Aeropuerto Malaga – Costa del Sol) is at the same distance.

It has an area of ​​105 km², the population is 25,317 people. The place was included in the famous city atlas Civitates orbis terrarum by Braun and Hogenberg.

The project consists of 10 fully furnished apartments, equipped with a fitted kitchen, full air conditioning and an alarm system. Furthermore, the catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner), which is taken in the day care rooms, is included here. The supply of non-alcoholic beverages (water and local soft drinks) is also ensured.

Each apartment has a sweeping view, the town center and the train and bus can be reached in about 5 minutes on foot.

The building is furnished in a modern style inside and out and equipped with high quality materials. It has a modern elevator.

Here you enable senior citizens to live in a healthy Mediterranean climate, not lonely, and only a few hours‘ flight from Germany.

This is

2 fully equipped apartments: living room with American kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom here the monthly rent is € 580.00 (plus usage-based costs such as electricity, water, etc.),

6 fully equipped apartments: living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and separate kitchen, at a rental price of 910.00 € (plus consumption-based costs such as electricity, water, etc.)

2 apartments with living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate kitchen at a rental price of € 1,100.00 (plus consumption-based costs such as electricity, water, etc.)

In addition to the rental costs, there are of course monthly costs for 24 hour reception, emergency call system & basic care € 750.00, full board & drinks € 750.00, Internet € 20.00 and cleaning of your apartment € 220.00 so the total costs for the

Apartment 1 bedroom 1 bathroom American kitchen               € 2.430.00

Apartment 1 bedroom 1 bathroom                                                      € 2,760.00

Apartment 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms                                                € 2,850.00

when occupied by a senior

For a second person there is a flat rate of € 450.00 for the emergency call system & and personal care of the second person and € 750.00 for full board and drinks.

If the apartments with two bedrooms are used as a senior citizens‘ community with four senior citizens, the costs per person are approx. € 1665.00, and use with two people is approx.

With the monthly sample prices estimated here, the future operator can of course calculate his ideas freely!

The bathrooms in the apartments will be fitted with sliding doors and barrier-free shower trays.

Individual personal support services will then be charged according to the price list.

Personal journeys for the caregivers are billed at 0.40 euros per kilometer driven.

Furthermore, we charge a one-time reservation fee of 450.00 euros per senior, this fee is due upon registration.

What would we like to do to make life under palm trees as pleasant as possible for senior citizens:

You will not leave the seniors alone in everyday life, so you can offer the seniors a range of care that is individually tailored to their wishes and needs.


The apartments are rented out by an operating company; a monthly fee of 10% of the turnover of the care services is charged for the operating company. Thus, you are relieved of the rental payments to the investor.

There are two rooms in the building, 204.47 m2 and 89.03 m2. Here, together with the city of Cartama, day care for the elderly is being created. Here senior citizens will find day care, with food and a place to share and care.

The vacant “restaurant”, the future day care center, is in excellent condition, has a well-equipped professional kitchen, a cold store, and the restaurant area is also equipped with sufficient “counter space” with appropriate cooling and design options.

A barrier-free toilet, a personal toilet and sufficient storage space are also available here.

In order to give the elderly the day care the possibility of a retreat and to rest, there is this possibility in one room. In order to offer the highest possible level of security here too, this relaxation room is monitored by video.

A rent of € 2,000.00 per month is to be paid to the operating company for the two separate rooms.

The reception is