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In Spain, the care of the elderly is currently changing; the old people’s homes here are mostly overcrowded with long waiting lists, or at high prices, and are unaffordable for most seniors.

Our offer is in a price range that seniors can also afford, because our motto is: „Exchange loneliness for affordable common palm trees“

Furthermore, the people who emigrated to the coasts of Spain 25-30 years ago are now getting to an old age when you think about how things will go on in old age?
Back to Germany, or will we find a way to care for the elderly here?
So far, there has been this possibility of a senior citizen’s help, which is also affordable, very rarely in Spain, only now is the establishment of senior day centers in the communities, but only day care.

We have started helping the elderly, the first senior living community is fully booked with registrations, and will start building on the coasts of Spain in autumn 2020, and have a very high volume of inquiries for the various regions on the coasts of Spain.

Thus, we offer committed people the opportunity to build a secure existence with our help in Spain.
Here is some of our supportive measures:
Use of our name and a provided logo:
„Apoyo para personas mayores“ –
Your care for the elderly on the coast of Spain
with the addition of the respective region name and the name of the

Provision of a complete support concept

Support with our experience in order to inspire and win senior citizens for our concept (for some vacant locations we already have senior citizens on the waiting list)

Provision of the necessary forms in Word files

Provision of templates for flyers, Facebook advertising
and internet and print advertising

Extensive support in the implementation of our concept

Set up & maintain a Facebook page and group

Support in setting up a required network for:
German-speaking doctors and clinics
German-speaking care services
German-speaking lawyers
German-speaking tax consultants

There is only a small fee for the franchisee for the support measures:
One-time franchise fee € 2,500.00
Monthly franchise fee 10% of the generated turnover


Further information, also about our support measures:
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„Apoyo para personas mayores“ –
Your care for the elderly on the coast of Spain


Hello, please send us your full contact details so that we can send you our franchise offer. This is not an employee relationship, but a self-employment in our franchise system.

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